Why CLSWellness?

                                                                            Everything has a story. Every idea was inspired from something or somewhere and CLSWellnbelieve pictureess was created to improve people’s life . I know that there are many other wellness or health blog pages , but I would like bring something else to the table, something that will inspire you on the physical and mental level , motivate you to be a better person.  Behind CLSwellness, it’s me , a person that is passionate about listening and giving advice to other people. I do this on everyday basis at work and outside. Now you must be thinking that I am a psychologist , therapist , counselor etc. , but I am not , I will let you later on discover that with me. Everything has a story. CLSWellness was created with the scope that sharing evidenced based wellness information will inspire people to tell at their turn the best story of their life journey .

     Thank you for following CLSWellness for the next posts to come .






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