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Start your morning Right

The week is long . Oh it’s just Monday some people may say . You rush to prepare your lunch for work , to bring your kids to daycare , to get at work on time , to get to school etc, whatever the reason , you need to take time for yourself . So, start your morning right . Make a plan that will help you have at least 15 -30 min for a good breakfast and your enjoyable coffee . If you can add some short exercise it would be even better , if not take small steps.

Multiple studies were done regarding the correlation between skipping breakfast and health issues resulting in cardiovascular abnormalities , body mass index changes , and mental disorders such as anxiety , depression etc.

Waking up earlier is not easy for some of us , we all love the comfy bed that won’t let go,but you will see it is worthy for a positive day ahead.

Avoid mornings with ” palpitations” that make you think ” How I am going to survive the day ?” and replace them with ” I am ready , today it will be a good day ” mornings .   Doesn’t it sound much better ?

Now you must be saying it is easy to say and hard to do , which is true ; but nobody said it will be easy .

One way to be organized in the morning is to prepare most of the stuff in the evening before ( ex : lunches , cloths , school bags etc ) and leave for the morning the time for breakfast and small talk with your loved ones. This will prevent to wake up too early .  If you are a morning person , then lucky you , you might be able to do all that in the morning. Plan your week mornings on weekends , see if you have any important events , or if you have to leave earlier  or later .

Changing your morning routine in order to be more organized and prevent you from rushing is changing your lifestyle for better; is bringing wellness into your life .

Your day starts with you ! Make it worth !



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