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As I was standing and watching TV , listening to the rain here in Montreal , I felt the need of eating something . A Snack , we call it .  We all have the need  of  a snack in between the breakfast and lunch , while watching TV , while taking a break from studying , at work, pre-post workout etc . But are we having the right snack in order to get that booster, to feel alert  in order  to get throughout the day? Now there are many contradictory studies between snack and weight change , some say that it helps with weight loss , some that it doesn’t .

However , having a good healthy snacks has proven to increase the total daily energy  intake. Individuals that would like to lose weight , that have diabetes , cardiovascular disease etc , need to pay more attention to what they are eating and what their snack contain .

Based on the Canadian food guide , the number of serving of fruits and vegetables is the highest , due to their benefits  ( vitamins , fibers , natural sugar not much calories , decreased risk of heart disease etc ) and necessity to the body.  Therefore including fruits and vegetables in your snack instead of  chocolate biscuits , chips, pretzels etc is what makes a healthy snack .  Is that easy !  Adding also a little protein into your snack will help you enhance glycemic regulation between meals and to repair and build tissues etc

Here’s a few examples of healthy snacks that are also delicious :

  1. Hummus and carrots :  hummus is made of chickpeas , therefore is a high source of proteins . Carrots are a very good source of Vitamin A , and therefore helps with: improving vision due to high beta-carotene , promotes a healthier skin ( very good anti-aging ) etc .  The carrot can also be replaced with other veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower , celery or have a mix of veggies that have also plenty of nutrients.
  2. Cheese and raisins : another great combination of fruits and protein , would be cheese  ( mozzarella , goat cheese , Romano cheese , cheddar etc ) and fruits : raisins, apple etc . Cheese is not only a great source of protein , but also of calcium which is very beneficial for the bones.  Raisins are a great source of vitamin B and iron , are full of glucose which gives a lot of energy , helps with constipation etc .
  3. Banana and peanut butter : First bananas has low calories , so for those trying to lose weight , having banana as a snack is great. It is also high in vitamin B-6 , vitamin C ,potassium  which helps with maintaining nerve and muscle functioning , boost of the immune system and helps the body in making new cells. In case you don’t like bananas , you can replace it with apples , pear or celery .
  4. Mixed nuts and cranberry : the mixed nuts are a great source protein and fibers . Now cranberries , also called ” supper food ” also has low calories like the bananas. Eating cranberries helps decreasing urinary tract infections (UTI) , decreases the blood pressure , is a great source of Vitamin C and E  etc
  5. Yogurt and fruits : Yogurt is a great source of protein , calcium , and these days Vitamin D is also added to help with the absorption of calcium for healthier bones. Other nutrients such as magnesium , potassium , vitamin B-12 , vitamin B2 are also present. Yogurt is also a great probiotic , which means it contains ” good bacteria ”  that is part of the normal intestinal flora . This promotes  a healthy digestive system. Now you can buy those yogurts already prepared with fruits or with gems or other flavors; but I would recommend just natural  yogurt mixed with fresh fruits that you desire such as berries , strawberries , kiwi , cherries etc. For extra protein , after a workout for example , you can add 1tbs of chia seeds or mix of nuts. If you want more flavor ,  you can add  1 tbs on top  of natural honey , maple syrup or cinnamon. The low vs high fat yogurt is to be chosen based on your health condition  , diet and number of calories that you want to obtain from the snack.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it was useful.

                                  Now I would like to know , what is your favorite snack ?




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