Ever looked at other people asking yourself , how come they became successful? How come they can achieve their dreams ? How can I do better ?  Yes , the answer is yes , we all ask ourselves those questions.

Do you know the answers to those questions ? Yes , No , Maybe ?

These are the questions that most of the time we will find the answers throughout our own journeys. However there are few key points that will help you be successfully happy in life .

Here are the 3 keys to a successful happiness that I hope if you are reading this will help you with your journey.

  1. Create the BIG  picture in your head . So , it is not something new , a lot of people might tell you : you need to have a goal in life . It is true . In order to be successful and happy , you need to see the big picture of your goal . You cannot wake up in the morning like a robot and just doing your routine without a scope in life , without knowing that you are working for achieving your dreams . Seeing the big picture of your goal will make you become more motivated and happy because you are waking up for a reason. It will give you that awesome feeling of accomplishment ! Wake up every morning and repeat to yourself the reason why you work everyday and stick to your goal until it will be done. Now not everybody has the same goal and that is totally normal . Your goal may be to have your own business , or  to have a high position in your career . Some may have their goal to travel as much as possible , to become fit , to go to a specific university/college  etc. Whatever your goal  ALWAYS  have it in mind .
  2.  Work hard :  Now that you have your big picture in mind ,  you have to plan how you are going to achieve it . You will have to work hard , maybe extra time , small steps in order to get there . Life is is full of adventure and obstacles  and that what makes it fun and hard sometimes . There is no successful person that has not been working hard until they achieved what they wanted , unless they had a rich family that provided for them or win the Lottery ! Create a journal with ideas and a calendar with a schedule that will help you get organize. Be open minded and get information from people, books , internet , seminars , conferences etc  in order to have the necessary information to get yourself going .  And  NEVER forget the #1 above.
  3.  Grit :  The last key point I think is very very important because without  #3 you will not go too far if you don’t apply it in your life . A positive attitude and perseverance towards your goal is very important . Now this is something that cannot be learned or much explained , but from my experience , if you are thinking about your goal, you see the big picture , you have an idea of a plan then you will develop an inner feeling that will motivate you and will make you work hard for your big picture . NEVER GIVE UP. Have a positive attitude even if you might make mistakes , because without mistakes we don’t learn. A positive attitude towards your goal , will motivate you  and feel powerful no matter what will be ahead of you .

Here ‘s a link from TED that i found interesting about this topic .

 Hope you have enjoy this reading ! I am curious to know if you have any other tips for a happy successful life.


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