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Relaxing time …

After a long week of working , here come’s the weekend when we all need to have some quality relaxing time . You need to find a balance in your life when you can have a few moments to yourself and just relax .   For those that work during the weekend , this post still applies very well. Your relaxing time can be anytime of the day , it’s your time .

So what are some of your ways to relax ? ( please comment , I would really like to know )

I would like to share with you a few ways to help you release the stress from your shoulders and just let you body & brain relax .

  1. One of the easiest way to relax , and one of my favourite is laying down outside in my backyard on a loungy chair , with some tea or coffee depending on the time of the day . You can read a book that you’ve always wanted or just close your eyes for a few moments and enjoy the quiet moment . Depending where you live , but here in Montreal is getting colder , you can lay down in a quiet room if that is available to you . Let your worries away ! Now you can also do this if you go to the Spa , and definitely have that relaxing environment, especially if you are having kids a home, maybe it’s not that easy to have some ” you” time .

2. When you come back from work and you are tired , watching a movie can be a good 1h30 to relax . It depends on what kind of movie you want to watch , horror movies for sure is not going to do the job . It is an easy alternative to change your thoughts.

Top “feel good” movies  picked :

  • Wedding Crashers ( comedy)  : with John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey
  • Forrest Gump  : with Tom Hanks
  • August Rush ( drama )
  • Letters to Juliet ( romantic ) : with Amanda Seyfried

3. Have a massage !!  As mentioned in my #1 you can go to a Spa where you can have a package with a massage included or you can go just for the massage . I love massages , don’t you ?

          I recommended these Spa’s in Montreal that I have tried myself, but feel free to comment if you have other places : ( If you are not from Montreal, then try to find some in your area).

  • Bota Bota : Spa on the water , in Old Port Montreal

Web : 

  •  Spa Finlandais : Located in Rosemere , has also Hotel if you want to do a small weekend getaway.

Web :

4. Yoga and meditation : these two have become very popular lately and a lot of people love doing Yoga  and medication due to its benefit on the body & mind wellness. It helps counteracting the stress related symptoms such as :  high blood pressure , anxiety , palpitations etc .

          Here are some top places where you can go , besides doing it at home:

Thank you for reading the post and hope it has motivate you to take some time for yourself now !  I know there are many other ways to relax, but  I think these fit the best when having a busy schedule ! Enjoy your weekend.

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