Chickpea cauliflower curry

I have tried this new recipe. I rarely cook with curry , but it was delicious. And it only took 20 min . I improvised a little , instead of garlic paste , I used real garlic crushed (2-3 cloves ) , fresh scallion (3) instead of red onion, regular milk instead of coconut milk and chili paste instead of fresh chili. This is served with basmati rice garnished with lime and cilantro.



  1. Started with preparing and chopping all veggies .
  2. The cauliflower is cooked on high heat on a pan with 1tbsp of oil until it is crisp tender. Remove from pan , and another tbst of oil and cook the onions , garlic, chili paste ( did not use whole chilli) for 2-3 minutes . I added some white mushrooms , cut them in half .
  3. Add chickpeas with spices and tomato sauce and cook until flavors marry and chickpea are tender .
  4. Then add coconut milk / or regular milk + vegetable broth + 1 tbsp lime juice .Bring to boil . Reduce heat and simmer the broth until it absorbs flavor of spices and curry thickens .
  5. Finish by adding cooked cauliflower and garnish rice with cilantro.

Bon appetit !

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