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Exercise your body

Exercising and keeping a healthy lifestyle has become so exposed on social media everywhere in the past 2 years I find, that has become like a “trend”.  But really is just basics ! We know from generation to generation  that by exercising makes the body stronger , will prevent and help with multiple health conditions , and is associated with maintenance of good health and mental well being.

There are so many different type of exercises and different ways of keeping your body moving that there should be no excuse not to do it . The harder part of exercising is motivation , keeping yourself going . People do it 2-3 times and give up because they don’t see quick results. But exercising is not about obtaining quick results , it’s about developing and maintaining  a healthy lifestyle on long term .

Exercising should be part of your routine. You have to find the best way to add it to your schedule and find the best type of exercise that  fits your needs . Don’t compare yourself with your best friend or anybody . Some prefers to do yoga or have some dance classes , other prefer heavy weight lifting . Once you understand your body  and find your type of exercising , it will be easier to motivate yourself in order for it to become a routine .

Mix exercise and a good healthy diet  and you have the best match !

Have a good weekend !

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